Bringing Liturgy Online

In light of the recent COVID-19 restriction this website will provide our parishioners with liturgical support and encouragement during these difficult days

Palm Sunday of the Passion of the Lord will commence at 11am on April 5th

Please ensure volume is turned up on your device and also on the video feed

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Ceremonies Online for Easter 2020

  • Palm Sunday – 11am

  • Holy Thursday – 8pm

  • Good Friday – 3pm

  • Holy Saturday – 8pm

  • Easter Sunday – 11am

Why Does This Site Exist?

In light of recent announcements initially at Government level and subsequently at Diocesan level it has been decided for the Masses are to be suspended until and including March 29th at the earliest, with immediate effect.

Priests are encouraged to celebrate Mass privately on a daily basis and on Sunday it has been requested that each Priest would celebrate Mass privately for the intentions of all the parishioners.

Given recent advancements in technology the faithful (you) are encouraged to join spiritually in the celebration of Mass, either on Parish radio or on web-cam.  You are also encouraged to pray at home and to include in your prayers all those who are sick and all those who are caring for those most vulnerable at this time.

Riverstown Parish feel we can do a little more and make the overall liturgical experience more localised and familiar by providing our parishioners with an online broadcast during these coming weeks celebrated by one of our two priests – Fr. Yashin Jos or Fr. A.B. O’Shea.

Both have agreed to allowing you, the parishioner and anybody else who may wish, to join them through the medium of technology in their Sunday morning Mass.

Provided you have access to the internet and either a mobile phone or computer you can join in this weekly celebration.