If Android (your mobile device is your preferred options to view our broadcast please try the following procedure to setup the connection:

Please first visit the Android Play Store- This icon can be found somewhere on your device:

This area allows you to download various apps to your mobile device.

In this instance you will wish to download the “ZOOM Cloud Meetings’ app:

Find the Search Area of the Playstore on your device:

And from this area you can locate the app you require: “ZOOM Cloud Meetings”





Once found you can now choose to ‘Install’ this software on your device.

Once installed an any terms/conditions have been agreed upon you can then join the Mass using the details provided on our Home page.

Finally enter the details to join the Meetings using the digits that are provided on the home page and highlighted in red on this screenshot.

We would ask you to disable your audio and video feed as highlighted in Green: